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JBL VTX-A12 Package


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Pre-owned VTX-A12 rig in fantastic condition – used only on Sundays and stored in the garage the rest of the week.




V-RACK - 3x iT4x3500HD


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JBL VTX A12 is a complete tour sound solution for mid- to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. VTX A12 was designed from scratch to address the unique challenges of rental companies, FOH engineers and tour sound production crews. Next-generation JBL transducer technology and a high frequency waveguide design deliver unmatched performance, sensitivity and coverage. A patented JBL rigging mechanism and redesigned suspension system streamline deployment and setup. And refinements to the physical design maximize reliability and versatility, while minimizing size and dramatically reducing weight. VTX A12 isn’t just a superior line array—it’s a completely new way to approach tour sound.

Unmatched acoustic quality achieved

  • JBL reviewed the design of all parts from scratch and launched a new technology with generosity. With extremely flat frequency characteristics, maximum sound pressure level of over 146dB, wide horizontal coverage area, delicacy and powerfulness of the original sound are delivered to every corner of the venue.
  • Three high-frequency drivers, four midrange drivers, and two low-pass drivers are installed in one cabinet. Details of each component are as follows.


High range driver

  • In order to achieve both miniaturization and improvement of output performance, we have newly developed a compression driver with improved design accuracy. V-shaped circular polymer diaphragm made extremely elaborate achieves high sensitivity, excellent braking performance, low distortion ratio and outputs the highest quality sound. Sound pressure is also sufficient because it drives with high magnetic neodymium · magnet. In addition, we adopted a proprietary output port that outputs the sound produced by the driver as it is. The output port is directly connected to the waveguide integrated with the phase plug with high precision, and frequency characteristics that extend flat to around 20 kHz can be obtained.


  • Next-gen JBL loudspeaker technology Completely rebuilt acoustic components for best-in-class SPL output and 90-degree directivity down to 250 Hz
  • New highs, mids and lows All-new high, mid and low frequency designs and components provide better tolerances, reduce distortion, and increased power handling
  • Fast rigging Quicker deployment with redesigned suspension system and patented internal locking mechanism for 1/4-degree increments settings
  • Lightweight truck-friendliness Lightest-in-class completely redesigned frame with truck friendly dimensions


Frequency Range (-10 dB):

46 Hz - 19 kHz (Preset: VTX A12)

Coverage Pattern (-6dB)




90 degrees nominal (250Hz - 18kHz)

Varies with array size and configuration

System Input Power Rating1

LF :

MF :

HF :


2 x 800W Continuous (IEC /100 hour)

400W Continuous (IEC /100 hour)

150W Continuous (IEC /100 hour

Maximum Peak Output²:

146dB (Preset: VTX A12)

System Processing:

Crown Audio I-Tech 12000HD Crown Audio I-Tech 4x3500HD

System Impedance

LF :

MF :

HF :


2 x 8 Ω ohms

8 Ω ohms

8 Ω ohms


Low Frequency :

2 x JBL 2264H, 12in diameter, dual 3in diameter voice coil, Neodymium Differential Drive

Mid Frequency :

4 x JBL 2165H, 5.5in diameter, dual 2in diameter voice coil, Neodymium Differential Drive

High Frequency :

3 x JBL 2423K, 2in diameter annular diaphragm, 2in diameter voice coil, Neodymium Magnet



Construction :

18mm and 15mm ,11-ply Finnish birch plywood, Black DuraFlexTM finish, integral recessed handles

IP Rating3 :

IP55 EN (60529)

UV Rating :

6 (ISO105-B01)

Suspension :

Captive suspension plates, quick-release pins, auto-locking mechanism for setting angles

Inter-enclosure Angle :

0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10

Grill :

Powder coated 14-guage hex-perforated steel with acoustically transparent black cloth backing


Type :

Pin Assignments :

Neutrik® SpeakON® NL-8 (2x)

Pins 1 ± (LF),

Pins 2 ± (LF), Pins 3 ± (MF), Pins 4 ± (HF)

Dimensions (H x W x D) :

330.2mm x 1,118mm x 495.3mm 13.0in x 44.0in x 19.5in

Net Weight :

60.8 kg (134.0 lbs)


1: IEC Standard: IEC shaped noise with 6dB crest factor based on nominal impedance and a duration of 100 hours

2: Peak, unweighted SPL, measured under full-space conditions at 1 meter using broadband pink noise with a 12dB crest factor and specified preset

3: Front face at 0 degree or greater down angle to allow the cabinet to drain water. Suspension components fully weather rated for indoor or covered outdoor conditions where humidity is nominally under 50% and not local to bodies of corrosive materials


What’s it take to drive this puppy?



When using Crown Audio I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers, up to 3 VTX A12 loudspeakers can be powered per amplifier. Based on the A12 component resource requirements, this allows for optimum power-to-transducer ratio without compromising the maximum SPL capabilities of the system. Circuits of 2 cabinets can be used when higher circuiting resolution is necessary.

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Other Details

Additional Fee
Limited Warranty
available upon request

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