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Meyer Sound UPJunior Power Speaker


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Sold in Pairs - Price is for single unit
Additional fee
90-Day warranty

Pre-Owned Meyer Sound UPJunior in mint condition

Price is for a single unit - Sold in pairs with dual case and rigging


The self-powered UPJunior combines clear, powerful sound with a rotatable horn, a very small footprint, and a full spectrum of mounting and rigging options to provide a utility loudspeaker that’s ready to go anywhere you need it. Though remarkably compact and lightweight (only 28 pounds/12.7 kilograms), UPJunior delivers a robust peak power output of 126 dB SPL at 1 meter, making it suitable For use either as a single, primary loudspeaker or within multi-cabinet horizontal and vertical arrays. Applications include AV presentations and small- to medium-size main sound reinforcement systems, as well as in fill, delay, effects, under-balcony coverage, and distributed systems. UPJunior even makes an excellent small stage monitor when used with the optional MAAM-UPJunior array adapter plates. In larger systems, UPJunior is ideal for providing sound to areas not reached by the main system, or perhaps to immerse an audience in a multichannel sound field.



  • PEAK POWER IN A SMALL PACKAGE - UPJunior brings the sonic signature, versatile rigging, and extraordinary power-to-size ratio of the UPJ to a smaller package, combining the advantages of a self-powered system with the placement and arraying flexibility afforded by a VariO rotatable horn.
  • PRECISE COVERAGE CONTROL - Our Constant-Q horn affords uniform response throughout coverage area, while the VariO rotatable horn allows loudspeakers to be oriented horizontally or vertically, adding great flexibility to your design.
  • UPJUNIOR: VERSATILE AND ULTRACOMPACT - Though remarkably compact and lightweight, the UPJunior delivers robust peak power output making it suitable for use as either a single, primary loudspeaker or within multicabinet horizontal and vertical arrays.
  • UPJUNIOR-XP: WITH IntelligentDC - The UPJunior-XP, with IntelligentDC technology, offers the same sonic signature, robust peak power output, and rotatable VariO horn as the UPJunior but with the added flexibility of external DC power and lengthy cable runs without AC conduits.
  • IntelligentDC FOR LONG CABLE RUNS - With IntelligentDC technology, the UPJunior-XP receives DC power and balanced audio from a single loudspeaker connector. Powering the unit from an external source eliminates the need for wiring conduits while still preserving the advantages of self-powered systems.
  • ROBUST CABINET & MOUNTING HARDWARE - The UPJunior cabinet is coated with a black textured finish and includes heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum end plates with threaded attachment points for basic eyebolt rigging and third-party pole assemblies. Other options include weather protection and custom colors for fixed installations and installations with specific cosmetic requirements.



Operating frequency range

Frequency response

Phase response

Maximum peak SPL

Dynamic range


Acoustical crossover

70 Hz - 20 kHz

76 Hz - 18 kHz ±4 dB

250 Hz - 18 kHz ±45°

126 dB

>110 dB

80° x 50°

3.5 kHz


Low frequency

One 8” cone driver with neodymium magnet Nominal impedance: 4 Ω


Voice coil size: 1.5”


Power handling capability: 300 W (AES)6

High frequency

One 2” compression driver


Nominal impedance: 12 Ω Voice coil size: 2” Diaphragm size: 2”


Exit size: 0.75”


Power handling capability: 100 W (AES)6



Differential, electronically balanced

Max. common mode range

±15 V DC, clamped to earth for voltage transient protection


Female XLR input with male XLR loop output

Input impedance

10 kΩ differential between pins 2 and 3


Pin 1: Chassis/earth through 220 kΩ, 1000 pF, 15 V clamp network to provide virtual ground lift at audio frequencies


Pin 2: Signal +


Pin 3: Signal - (optional polarity reversal switch)8 Case: Earth ground and chassis


Case: Earth ground and chassis

DC Blocking

DC Blocking Differential DC blocking on input up to max. common mode voltage


>50 dB, typically 80 dB (50 Hz – 500 Hz)

RF filter

Common mode: 425 kHz


Differential mode: 142 kHz

TIM filter

<80 kHz, integral to signal processing

Nominal input sensitivity

Nominal input sensitivity 0 dB V (1 V rms, 1.4 V peak) continuous coverage is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music

Input level

Input level Audio source must be capable of producing +20 dBV (10 V rms, 14 V peak) into 600 Ω in order to

produce maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker


Amplifier type

Amplifier type Two-channel complementary power MOSFET output stages (class AB/bridged)

Output power

300 W total


THD, IM TIM < .02%

Load capacity

4 Ω low channel; 12 Ω high channel


Forced air cooling over amplifier heatsink


Product Videos

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Tourpro, Inc., and offers a 72 hour period, upon receipt, to inspect items for incorrect shipments or defective items. If an item is found to be defective, please contact TourPro, Inc. to resolve to issue as soon as possible. If, during the 72 hour period, an item is found to be defective, TourPro, Inc. will offer to ship items for product repair.

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Other Details

Sold in Pairs - Price is for single unit
Additional fee
90-Day warranty

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