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Nexo Geo T Package


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Limited warranty

 Pre-owned NEXO GEO-T system is very good condition, full technical verification with 100% operation.


GEO T4805 line array


GEO T2815 down fills


GEO T bumper


EX Bar, 2 x buttom bumper,


Kelping beam,


Kelping beam ext.




LS cable set with 6 x EP6 22,5m cable, 7 x EP6 7,5m cables


Case for 4 GEO T4805


Case for 2 GEO T2815


Case for rigging equipment

 NEXO’s GEO T4805 is a compact, extremely high output array module designed for use in vertical tangent arrays. The Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource allows mutiple GEO loudspeakers to radiate tangent wavefronts with coherent output. The 5° wavesource is optimized for the construction of curved vertical arrays that deliver equal power to equal coverage areas for consistent SPL from front to rear of the audience area. The GEO T & S Series are the result of a three year intensive R&D project that has produced three fundamental patent applications in loudspeaker technology. The performance advantages produced by GEO innovations are easily measurable and clearly audible. With two full range tangent array modules and a hypercardioid subbass, the T Series offers total flexibility to design and deploy horizontal or vertical tangent arrays with coherent output. From high-definition musical reproduction to high output paging systems, GEO Technology delivers optimal performance in venues of all shapes and sizes.


  • Optimized for high power vertical tangent arrays.
  • 0.01° precision logarithmic array asembly system is engineered to maintain adequate safety factors when supporting curved vertical arrays.
  • Unique LF section uses paired front- and rear-firing 8 inch woofers, processed with advanced DSP algorithms to produce a cardioid pattern from 70 Hz to 250 Hz.
  • High power, long excursion neodymium 8 inch woofer delivers full range output from compact enclosures.
  • Patent-pending Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource allows the 5° T4805 to be arrayed tangentially
  • Directivity Phase Device enhances line source coupling in vertical arrays. Configurable Directivity Device sets dispersion in the non-coupling plane to 90°.



HF: 1 x 3" voice coil, 1.4” throat neodymium 16 Ohm driver on a Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource. LF front section: 2 x 8” (20cm) neodymium hi-flux 16 Ohm drivers in series.

LF back section: 2 x 8” (20cm) neodymium hi-flux 16 Ohm drivers in series.

Height x Width x Depth

Enclosure: 250 x 750 x 627 mm (9 7/8” x 29 9/16” x 24 11/16”)

Array Module: 286 x 903 x 627 mm (11 1/4” x 35 1/2” x 24 11/16”)


5° Trapezoid.

Weight: Net

50 kg (109 lbs) including flying system.


1 x AMPHENOL EP6 6 pole socket In, 1 x AMPHENOL AP6 6 pole cable + connector Through.


Baltic birch ply finish with structured black coating for the main structure. Metal box for the rear section black coating.

Front Finish

Injected polyurethane flange gray coating.

Flying Points

Integral flying system. Intercabinet angle adjustments = 0.125° to 5° (logarithmic steps).


Frequency Response [a]

60 Hz – 19 kHz ± 3 dB

Usable Range @-6dB [a]

56 Hz – 20 kHz

Sensitivity 1W @ 1m [b]

109 dB SPL nominal – 107 dB SPL wideband

Peak SPL @ 1m [b]

137 to 140 dB Peak for a single cabinet. Configuration dependant when arrayed [d].

Dispersion [c]

Coupling plane: not usable alone. Configuration dependant [d]. Non-coupling plane: 90°.

Directivity Index [c]

DI = 12 Nominal (freq > 1.5 kHz) for a single cabinet. Configuration dependant when arrayed [d].

Crossover Frequencies

250 Hz & 1.3 kHz active

Nominal Impedance

MF/LF (front and rear): 32 Ohms. HF: 16 Ohms.

Recommended Amplifiers

HF: 3000 Watts into ~3 Ohms/6 cabinets.

MF/LF (front section): 6000 Watts bridged mono into ~6 Ohms/6 cabinets. LF (rear section): 6000 Watts bridged mono into ~6 Ohms/6 cabinets.


Electronic Controller

The NX241 Digital TDController presets are precisely matched to the GEO T Series cabinets and include sophisticated protection systems. Using GEO T Series cabinets without a properly connected NX241 Digital TDController will result in poor sound quality and can damage components.

HF Dispersion Configuration

The HF flanges are configured for 90° dispersion in the non-coupling plane.

Array Design

Via GEOSoft compiled Matlab application or EASE/CATT .dII (latest version available at


CD18 Supercardiod Subbass (requires two NX241 outputs and two amplifier channels).

Speaker Cables

HF: wired 3+/-. LF front section: wired 2+/-. LF back section: wired 1+/-.

Rigging System

Please refer to the GEO user manual before any operation.



T4805s are packaged individually. Order as GEO T4805 (includes 4x BLGEOT12-30 quick release pins).

Shipping Weight & Volume

1x T4805 = 53.5 kg (117 lbs), 0.15 cu m (5.3 cu ft)

As part of a policy of continual improvement, NEXO reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

[a] Response curves and data: anechoic far field above 200 Hz, half-space anechoic below 200 Hz. [b] Sensitivity & peak SPL: will depend on spectral distri- bution. Measured with band limited pink noise. Refers to the specified +/- 3 dB range. Data are for speaker + processor + recommended amplifier combina- tions. [c] Directivity curves and data: 1/3 octave smoothed frequency response, normalized to on-axis response. Data obtained by computer processing of offaxis response curves. [d]Please refer to the GEO T User Manual. Usable range data: frequency response capability with TD crossover slopes removed.



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Other Details

Limited warranty

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